7 de mayo de 2008


Buscando trabajo en Dublin

Bueno sigo intentando encontrar un sitio decente donde currar, asi que os voy a explicar lo que me paso ayer. En mi jornada rutinaria de tirada de CV por internet, unos me respondieron. Resulta que era para dar soporte a servidores de la marca HP con sistema operativo Windows. Bueno pues aqui suelen hacerte una prueba antes de ni siquiera llegar a la entrevista. Para que veais lo "facil" que es aqui encontrar un trabajo XDDDD os dejo el pequeño test que me hicieron hacer estos locos.

The following questions are designed to assess your knowledge in a number of areas.
We do not expect you to be able to answer all questions or sections.
Do not guess if you are unsure. Wrong answers will be marked negatively
You have 45 minutes to solve the following 100 questions. Please mark the answers you regard as right with a cross in the checkbox  or . If you are offered  as checkboxes, only one correct answer is possible. If you are offered  as checkboxes, more than one answer could be correct.
Please put your name on each page. Please put the date and the time on the first page.

Good Luck!

Subject area
from ....possible
in per cent

Core 1

Core 2



From 100 possible ______ correctly answered=_____%

01. There are 4 hard disks built into a system. Which statement is correct concerning the maximum number of extended partitions under DOS 6?

○ 8 extended partitions can be set up
○ 4 extended partitions can be set up
○ 16 extended partitions can be set up
○ 24 extended partitions can be set up

02. Which command would write a new Master Boot Record under MS-DOS version 6.0 and upwards?


03. Which settings correspond to the VGA standard?
○ 640 * 400 with 256 colours and 70 Hz
○ 600 * 480 with 16 colours and 70 Hz
○ 640 * 480 with 16 colours and 60 Hz
○ 680 * 460 with 16 colours and 60 Hz

04. Which number is the decimal equivalent of the binary figure 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1?
○ 55
○ 66
○ 77
○ 88

05. Which feature describes the El Torito-specification?

○ Booting from CD-Rom drives with bootable CDs
○ Integration of Spanish special characters in text processing
○ Integration of colour profiles for a monitor
○ BIOS access protection via jumper on the system board

06. How can you create Start Disks under Windows 2000?

○ By using the Makedisk Utility from the Windows 2000 CD
○ By using the Makeboot Utility from the Windows 2000 CD
○ By typing a:/MBR at the Command Prompt
○ By typing SYS a: at the Command Prompt

07. Which of the following statements concerning the Windows XP Recovery Console are correct?

 The Recovery Console can be started from the Windows XP Setup CD
 Using the command ‘Exit’ can stop the Recovery Console
 From the Recovery Console a NTFS partition can be accessed
 The Recovery Console provides a useful method to repair boot parameters of a defect Windows installation via a graphical user interface

08. Which file systems are supported by Windows 2000 without needing additional drivers?
○ Only NTFS
○ FAT 16 and FAT 32
○ FAT 16, FAT 32 and NTFS
○ FAT 32 and NTFS

09. What is defined as a volatile memory?


10. Which statements concerning SCSI are correct?

 For a CD ROM drive SCSI-ID 3 or 4 is recommended
 In order to boot from the hard drive, it has to be configured as ID 6
 Usually, the SCSI controllers are configured as SCSI-ID 7
 It is possible to run two SCSI controllers in one system

11. What is the maximum number of devices which can be accessed through the USB port?

○ 64 devices
○ 127 devices
○ 256 devices
○ An arbitrary number of devices

12. Is it possible to simultaneously run devices at all three of the SCSI plugs of a Wide-SCSI adapter?

○ Yes, but only if it concerns devices with active termination
○ No, maximum two of the three adapter plugs can be used at the same time
○ Yes, this is possible without any difficulties

13. Garbage characters are the result of every printout from a laser printer. What could be the reason?

 Wrong printer driver
 Cable defect or too long
 The computer’s parallel port is defective
 The toner is nearly empty

14. What has to be categorically activated in the terminal program used when transmitting data at high velocity (e.g. 56 kbps)?

○ Z-modem transmission protocol
○ RTS/CTS flow control (Hardware flow control)
○ Automatically starting of the transmission protocols

15. Which command for modems resets newer modems to their factory default settings?

○ AT&V
○ AT&F
○ AT&T
16. Is it possible to use two channels simultaneously over one ISDN line?

○ Yes
○ No
○ Only if it is a special ISDN line

17. Which function does the D-channel have regarding an ISDN line?

○ Channel to carry pilot information
○ Channel to carry user information
○ Channel to carry control and signaling information.
○ Channel to transfer phototelegrafic information concerning visual phones

18. What is UART?

○ A special transport protocol used in the Internet
○ A module that realises the serial interface in the computer
○ A nodal point in the public telecommunications network
○ A technique to plug in ISDN devices
19. Which of the following Hayes commands forces a modem not to wait for a dial tone?
○ ATR0
○ ATX3
○ AT&R

20. Which Port and IRQ will be used by COM2 Interface?

○ 3F8 / 4
○ 2F8 / 4
○ 378 / 3
○ 2F8 / 3

21. Name the design difference between Windows 2000 Client Access Licences (CALs) and Windows 2003 CAL’s

○ There is no difference.
○ Windows 2003 introduced User and Device CALs

22. How are Windows 2003 User Licenses managed?

○ Exactly like Device Licenses in Windows 2003
○ Exactly like Built-in Licenses in Windows 2000
○ Not at all

23. What are Built-in Licenses for Windows 2000 Terminal Server?

□ They are free licenses given out to certain operating systems by the Windows 2000 Terminal Server Licensing Server
□ They are free licenses given out to Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional.
□ They are free licenses given out to all Windows operating systems

24. Do Windows XP Embedded or Windows XP Home Clients get a Built-In License?

○ Yes, all Windows XP systems get built in licences.
○ No, only Windows XP Professional gets a built in licence.

25. Why do permanent Terminal Server Device CALs show an expiry date in the Terminal Server Licensing Console since Windows 2000 SP2?

□ Because there are no real permanent licenses issued
□ Because licenses before SP2 were lost if the Client holding the licenses was removed from the network
□ Because licenses can be automatically returned to the pool of available licenses if it is no longer in use by a client
□ Because it is bug

26. Is a Windows 2000 Terminal Server Licensing Server able to install and manage Windows 2003 CALs?

○ Yes, you can install any licenses there
○ No, you need a Windows 2003 Terminal Server licensing server

27. Is a Windows 2003 Terminal Server Licensing Server able to install and manage Windows 2000 CALs?

○ No, it can only manage Windows 2003 Terminal Server CALs
○ Yes, Windows 2003 is able to manage both

28. Is it possible to use Device CALs and User CALs on the same TS?

○ Yes, the Terminal Server decides which license to choose for each user
○ No, you have to decide which Terminal Server is to use which kind of licenses

29. “Load balancing” - Terminal Server Licensing Servers (2 part question).

a) Is it possible to take 50 % of Licenses from TSLS 1 and take the other 50% from TSLS2?

○ Yes, it is possible to configure them that way
○ No, licenses are randomly issued from the Terminal Server licensing servers

b) Is it possible to take Licenses from TSLS1 for TS 1-4 and then from TSLS2 for TS 5-8?

□ Yes, it is possible to configure that through the registry
□ Yes, you can configure it through a Group Policy implemented in Sp1
□ Yes, you can configure it through a Group policy
□ No, you cannot do that

30. What is RDP?

○ Remote Desktop Protocol
○ Remote Desktop Connection Client

31. What RDP Versions are in use in supported OS? (W2K, Win XP, W2K3)

□ RDP 4.0
□ RDP 5.0
□ RDP 5.1
□ RDP 5.2
□ RDP 5.5
□ RDP 6.0

32. What is the main difference between RDP 5 in Windows 2000 and RDP 5.1 in Windows XP?

○ Nothing, there is not difference other than 5.0 with Windows 2000 and 5.1 is shipped with Windows XP
○ You can save your connections settings to an RDP File

33. What is the best method of applying a GPO to a TS in a W2K3 domain?

○ Create a organizational unit, put all the TS Servers in there and proceed as normal
○ Create the organizational unit, put all TS Servers in it, and then apply a group policy in loopback processing mode

34. Is it possible to redirect USB Ports of the local Client into the Terminal Server Session with Windows 2003?

○ Yes, for general use
○ Yes, for printing use only
○ No, not at all
○ No, only with RDP 5.2 on the Client

35. Is it possible to redirect network printers installed on a client into a Terminal Server Session?

○ Yes, without any prerequisite
○ Yes, but you need RDP 5.2 on the Client and Windows 2003 as Server
○ Yes, in Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 as long as RDP 5.2 is on the client

36. What is the difference between Version-2 and Version-3 Printer Drivers?

□ there is no difference
□ Version-2 drivers are kernel mode drivers
□ Version-3 drivers are user mode drivers
□ Version-2 drivers are from Microsoft, Version 3 drivers are from the manufacturers of the printers

37. Are you able to install kernel mode drivers on a Windows 2003 Server by default?

○ Yes, by default
○ No, you need to apply a group policy setting for it

38. What is an inbox driver?

□ InBox Drivers are from Microsoft
□ InBox Drivers are shipped with the OS
□ Inbox Drivers are created by the manufacturers but are called that because they are shipped wit the OS CD
□ Inbox drivers are WHQL certified

39. Are you able to move the folder of the spooler to a different location? Why would you want to do that?

○ Yes, you can do that in the properties of the printing server itself
○ No, you have to have it in the default place

40. What should you consider, in respect to printer drivers, when you run a Printer Server on a cluster?

○ Nothing, everything is the same as a normal print server
○ You need to have the same drivers in the same versions on each cluster
○ You can install different versions of the drivers on the nodes

41. If a “BSOD” message occurs, this means that;
○ an application has crashed.
○ the system has crashed.

42. Your Server experiences problems with DCOM.
Which tool should you use to verify that a DCOM component is registered properly?
○ Dcomcfg.exe
○ Dcomcnfg.exe
○ Dcomexec.exe

43. You try to execute a file, and receive the message:
“%1 is not a valid Win32 application.” This means that;
○ The file is corrupt and can't be executed
○ The file is a Bitmap file
○ The file can not be accessed and executed

44. Which OS does NOT support HT (Hyperthreading)?

○ Windows 2000 Server
○ Windows XP
○ Windows 2003

45. Windows 2000 build number is…?

○ 1384
○ 3792
○ 2930
○ 2195

46. Windows NT 4.0 build number is…?

○ 1381
○ 3790
○ 2800
○ 2195

47. Windows 2003 build number is…

○ 1387
○ 3790
○ 2930
○ 2195

48. Registry Hives on Windows 2003 are located in…


49. Registry Hives from Windows 2003 are?

50. Which of the following disables the TCPIP.SYS driver in recovery console?
○ rcdisable tcpip.sys
○ shutoff tcpip.sys
○ disable tcpip.sys

51. DCPromo is used for:
 Promoting to Domaincontroller
 Demoting Domaincontroller
 Configure Serverrole (DHCP)
 Configure Serverrole (WINS)

52. What is the name of the tool, which you can used to disable services and
autostart applications on Windows XP?
○ Config.exe
○ Msconfig.exe
○ Msd.exe

53. Your server has 8GB RAM. Which switch in the boot.ini would you need to set, to use the whole 8GB RAM?
○ /PWE
○ /PAE
○ /MAXMEM=8192

54. You have a memory leak. Which tool should you use to find the leak?
○ Poolmon.exe
○ Regmon.exe
○ Filemon.exe
○ Msconfig.exe

55. Where is the first copy of the registry hives located?

56. Where can you find the default index server database?
○ %systemroot%\system32\index
○ system volume information\catalog.wci
○ %systemroot%\system32\config\indexsrv
○ %systemroot%

57. How do you unload a performance counter?
○ Unlodctr.exe %countername%
○ regsvr32.exe -u %countername%
○ perfmon.mmc
○ reboot the system

58. Which tool can you use to extract a MBR from a hard disk?
○ diskprobe.exe
○ ntoskrnl.exe
○ diskmgr.exe
○ beep.exe
○ mbr.exe

59. Where can you find the logs files from installed Hotfixes?
○ %SYSTEMROOT%\Uninstall
○ %SYSTEMROOT%\System32
○ %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Uninstall

60. Which standard port is used for Windows Updates?
○ 23
○ 25
○ 80
○ 82

61. Windows 2000…

○ Allows up to ten concurrent connections to the machine solely for file and print services, internet information services, and remote access.

○ Allows up to unlimited concurrent connections to the machine solely for file and print services, internet information services, and remote access

62. Ping is a command-line utility that

○ works by sending ICMP echo requests to an IP address and wait for ICMP echo responses.

○ works by sending ICMP echo requests to an IP address, while incrementing the Time to Live (TTL) field in the IP header, starting at 1, and analyzing the ICMP errors that are returned.

63. Active Directory directory service domains with single-label DNS names are supported with Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 Server. This statement is;

○ True

○ False

64. What are the common mistakes that are made when administrators set up DNS on network that contains a single Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 domain controller?

The most common mistakes are:

 The domain controller is not pointing to itself for DNS resolution on all network interfaces.

 The "." zone exists under forward lookup zones in DNS.

 Other computers on the local area network (LAN) do not point to the Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 DNS server for DNS.

65 Root hint servers are well-known servers on the Internet that help all DNS
servers resolve name queries.

○ True

○ False

66. Do I need to configure forwarders in DNS, if the “.” zone is deleted in the
forward lookup zone?

○ Yes

○ No

67. DHCP clients are unable to get IP addresses from the server.
This problem can be caused by the following:

 The IP address of the DHCP server being changed so that DHCP clients cannot get IP addresses.

 Using a default gateway on the network connection of the DHCP server so that the server is not using the same IP address as the router which supports the remote subnet where the clients are located.

 There existing only one route between the DHCP server and the remote subnet clients.

68. A folder icon with red "X" means:

○ Default; no known status.

○ Link cannot be negotiated because of a bad link or lack of transport.

○ Link can be negotiated to all shared folders.

○ Link can be negotiated but not to all shared folders.

69. Which tool from Microsoft allows you to reset the TCP/IP protocol

○ Ipconfig
○ Netsh
○ Netdiag
○ Dnslint

70. What is wireless auto configuration?

○ Wireless auto configuration is a feature of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that allows Windows to detect the available wireless networks and automatically connect to the most preferred wireless network. Wireless auto configuration is enabled by the Wireless Zero Configuration service in Windows XP and the Wireless Configuration service in Windows Server 2003.

○ Wireless auto configuration is a new feature of Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 that allows you to configure wireless network settings using Extensible Markup Language.

71. What is IAS (Internet Authentication Service)?

○ IAS is the Windows implementation of a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server in Windows 2000 Server and a RADIUS server and proxy in Windows Server 2003.

○ IAS is a widely deployed protocol that enables centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) for network access. Originally developed for dial-up remote access, RADIUS is now supported by wireless access points (APs), authenticating Ethernet switches, virtual private network (VPN) servers, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) access servers, and other types of network access servers.

72. Which authentication protocols does IAS support?

 Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)
 Shiva Password Authentication Protocol (SPAP)
 Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)
 Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (MS-CHAP)
 Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2 (MS-CHAP v2)
 Extensible Authentication Protocol-Message Digest 5 CHAP (EAP-MD5 CHAP)
 EAP-Transport Layer Security (EAP-TLS)
 Protected EAP-MS-CHAP v2 (PEAP-MS-CHAP v2) (also known as PEAPv0/EAP- MSCHAPv2)

73. What usage scenarios are currently recommended?

 Server and Domain Isolation Using IPSec and Group Policy
 Using Microsoft IPSec for Windows to Help Secure an Internal Corparate Network Server
 Active Directory in Networks Segmented by Firewalls
 Improving Security with Domain Isolation

74. Is IPsec just used for virtual private networks (VPNs)?

○ IPsec can be used to create secure VPN connections across the Internet for remote access and branch office connectivity.

○ IPsec cannot used to create secure VPN connections across the Internet for remote access and branch office connectivity.

75. What tools can I use to configure IPSec policy?
(link 1,2,3 with the correct answer a,b, or c)

1. For Windows 2000 use _________A_________ a. IPsecpol.exe
2. For Windows XP use _________B_________ b. IPseccmd.exe
3. For Windows 2003 Server use _________C_________ c. Netsh ipsec

76. In Windows, does IPsec support the use of Group Policy to apply IPsec policy to
a domain controller when securing communication between domain controllers?


○ NO

77. Do you have to exempt DNS traffic from being secured with IPsec?

○ Yes, you should create an exemption that permits DNS traffic (TCP port 53 and UDP port 53).

○ No, you don’t have to create an exemption that permits DNS traffic (TCP port 53 and UDP port 53).

78. Do you need to exempt NetBIOS over TCP/IP name resolution traffic from being secured with IPsec?

○ Yes. You should create an exemption that permits NetBIOS over TCP/IP name resolution traffic, commonly sent between client computers and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server computers (UDP port 137).

○ No. You shouldn ‘t have to create an exemption that permits NetBIOS over TCP/IP name resolution traffic, commonly sent between client computers and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server computers (UDP port 137).

79. How does a “disconnect” appear in a NetMon trace?

 A "graceful" close uses the TCP FIN flag to show that the sender has no more data to send

 The TCP RST flag is used for an ended ("abortive") session disconnection.

80. You have two Windows 2000 clients in the same subnet, which are connected to
another subnet through a router. The clients have the correct default gateway. You try to access one client from the other one.
When will be the router connected?

○ Every time a packet will be sent into the network
○ Never in this situation
○ If the 2nd client can’t be connected.

81. Windows Server 2003 Domain, XP/2000 Clients receive certain GPO when assigned to Windows XP.

 Put the Server in native mode?
 Install Service Pack 1 on the Server?
 User should disconnect themselves from the Group Membership?
 To raise the Registry Key to the Maximum Token Size?

82. In which File would the Registry entry of the User Profile be saved?

○ NTUser.dat
○ NTUser.reg
○ NTUser.dll

83. Which Group is replicated Forest-wide?

○ Forestgroup?
○ Globalgroup?
○ Universalgroup?
○ Domainlocalgroup?

84. What is the command to immediately apply a change of policies?

○ gpupdate /now
○ gpupdate /apply
○ gpupdate /force
○ gpupdate /sync

85. In which folder are policies stored in Windows Server 2003?

○ \Windows\Sysvol\%Domainname%\Policies?
○ \Windows\%Domainname%Policies?
○ \Windows\Sysvol\Domain\%Domainname%\Policies?
○ \Windows\Sysvol\sysvol\%Domainname%\Policies?

86. Which tool would you use to establish if a process is blocking the profile restoration on the server?

○ UPHClean?
○ MSConfig?
○ Services.msc?

87. With which utility you can verify if all containers have been successfully replicated to the replication partner?

○ Repadmin /showreps?
○ Repadmin /syncall?
○ Reptrace /showreps?
○ Reptrace /syncall?

88. Which protocol can be used for replication?


89. In which order will policies be executed?

○ Local / Domain / Site / OU
○ Local / Site / Domain / OU
○ OU / Domain / Site / Local
○ Site / Domain / OU / Local

90. Name two master roles?

 DC Master
 RID Master
 Forest Master
 Domain Naming Master

91. In which file are the Active Directory objects saved?

○ Ntds.dit
○ Actdir.db
○ Ntds.dat
○ Actdir.dat

92. Where can the Global Catalogue be configured?

○ Configure configure AD Sites and Services/Sites/%Sitename%/Servers/domain controller/ right-click NTDS Settings / Properties / Select the Global Catalog check box
○ NTDSUtil: Seize GC %servername%
○ NTDSUtil: %servername% seize GC

93. Which of the following authentification methods are applied in Windows 2000/2003?


94. Which protocol/service is required by the Active Directory?

 DFS Client

95. In Windows 2003, how can you verify which policies are applied for
a user?

 gpmc report

96. With which tools can you display/indicate the AD Container?


97. How can one recover locked files when the certificate is no longer available?

 EFSRecovery Agent

98. Which Snap-Ins can be used to display objects in the “Lost and Found” Container?

 Extended view in Active Directory Users and Computers mmc.
 Active Directory sites and services

99. What is the main difference between the Registry keys HKey User and HK

 HKey Current User is partly a copy of HKey Users
 HKey CurrentUser is the same for all Users
 HKey Users is the same for all Users
 HKey Users is partly a copy of HKey Current User

100. Root/Child Enviroment. The only DC of a Child Domain is tombstoned. What
possibilities do you have to keep the Child Domain alive?

 Creation of a new Child Domain
 Restore the systemstate from a Backup.
 Reset the Secure Channel
 Add a additional DC to the Child Domain.

No se cuanto habre sacado, pero hay programas que no sabia ni que existian en windows. Venga ya os explicare mas cosillas en cuanto tenga algo curioso.

Hola, que tal. Yo tambien estoy pensando en marchar a Irlanda. Ya te has movilizado??
Por cierto como te fue el test? Hoy me han echo el mismo test. En 2 ETT's distintas de Irlanda.(para una conocida marca de impresoras...)
Bueno tampoco se como habra ido, pero he trabajado com Admin de red y este test era muy complicado. Encontraste las respuestas? tengo curiosidad..
Nada un saludo desde España.

No dejes de pasar por
Bueno yo ya me retiro, dejo Irlanda el dia 22 de este mes, sobre las respuestas de este test, las estuve comentando con un amigo que conocía la mayor parte de las respuestas, pero aún y así yo creo q nadie en su sano juicio puede conocer todas esas respuestas.

Algún loco siempre hay pero bueno.

El tema con este test, es que en las ETT's te toman el pelo ya que te hacen hacer el test y te dicen que tienen una oferta de trabajo cuando en realidad no es así, te meten en la base de datos y si después de 6 meses les piden a alguien, entonces llaman para saber si aún sigues buscando trabajo. En la mayoría de los casos, o has encontrado curro de otra cosa, o como yo, te has quedado sin dinero y has tenido que volver, en fin, un cachondeo.

Espero que tengas suerte Oscar y consigas algo bueno por aquí, parece q la crisis se esta dejando caer también por aquí y no solo por Spain.


P.D. Interesante web ;)
Hola de nuevo. Tengo una buena noticia. Parece que pasé el test con un 50% de aciertos. Al final era casi random...A posteriori eh conseguido las respuestas correctas, por si te pica la curiosidad...

Así que ya marchas de Irlanda tio? La playita de España te llama eh! Normal yo no se cuanto aguantare sin demasiado sol alli arriba. Cuanto tiempo has estado? Te has defendido con el ingles? Has trabajado para Google en Cork (ese mito...) Yo marcho en Agosto, si tengo trabajao apalabrado..Me niego a trabajar para McDonalds a estas alturas..
Na tio, cuentate algunas curiosidades!

Un saludo desde
Yo también me he negado en currar en McDonalds, es por eso que no he podido currar en nada. Estos Irlandeses son un poco raros en cuanto a ofrecerte un trabajo si no has trabajado antes en Irlanda, así que si tienes la posibilidad de venir con contrato tienes mucho avanzado.

Al final después de 4 meses me ha salido algo de curro en irlanda del norte como soporte en catalan/spanish, pero ya tenía decidido que me largaba, asi que ...

Sobre el ingles de los irlandeses, uno nunca acaba de acostumbrarse, sobretodo si estas acostumbrado al ingles americano de las series o pelis. Pero bueno al final medio se entiende. Otra cosa es q te entiendan ellos XD

Si tienes dudas sobre irlanda o sobre vivir en cualquier pais extranjero, te recomiendo que visites a mi ha ayudado un montón, además de que hay una comunidad bastante bien montada. Mirate el wiki sobretodo, y si te quedan dudas, ya sabes donde preguntar :)
Hola, pues que me mande el CV a UK para ver que tal... e me han enviado ese dichoso test...

La verdad es que trabajo hace mas de 7 años com Windows server OS e ese test me parece que ha sido echo por un loco que no sabe ni punta de lo que esta haciendo!! :D

Si alguien tiene las respuestas del test, Please me las envie.. :D

Os pagare con unas botellas de tinto!! jajaja
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