11 de mayo de 2006


¿Porq no habra sitios asi para hispanohablantes?

Se trata de un sitio q he encontrado q se dedica a regalar la estancia a gente de habla inglesa. Lo unico q piden es q hablen en ingles con la gente española q va alli para aprender ingles o para practicarlo. Realmente una curiosa iniciativa. Se trata de un pueblo entero en alguna parte de Madrid.

" How does an 8-day stay in a picturesque village in the mountains of Spain sound? And how does it sound if you add in room and board in exchange for conversation?
These aren't trick questions – Pueblo Ingles specialises in helping professionals whose first language is Spanish to improve their conversational English by isolating them in said village for 8 days with a group of English speakers. The Spanish speakers pay, the English speakers stay "free" – they just have to live up to their name and speak English to the Spanish speakers, morning, noon, and night, through meals, excursions and dedicated “talking time”. That's the exchange – your "holiday" for your conversation. Everything except your transport to and from the Madrid pick-up point is paid for. If you are naturally garrulous and in need of something different ... put yourself in line for one of the upcoming sessions."
Appeared in the IRISH TIMES, Feb. 14, 2004

Pues eso, q a ver si nos hacen un guetto de esos para gente q hable español, en algun otro pais. Muy curiosa iniciativa si señor.

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